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Cathedral Cove Overlook

Cathedral Cove Overlook

New Zealand, 2024

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Cathedral Cove, New Zealand 2024

About the image

Capture the serene beauty of Cathedral Cove Beach from a unique perspective with this stunning photography print. Taken during a hike above the iconic Cathedral Cove in New Zealand, this print showcases the breathtaking view from the cliffs. Though the path to the beach was closed, the vantage point offered an extraordinary panorama of the blue waters and rugged coastline. Perfect for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts, this print brings a piece of New Zealand’s natural wonder into your home. Available in various sizes, framed or unframed.

About the collection

Explore the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand’s North Island with this exquisite fine art photography collection. Featuring stunning vistas from serene beaches to lush forests and rolling hills, each piece captures the natural beauty and diverse terrain of this iconic region. From the majestic coastline at Cathedral Cove to the vibrant hues of geothermal wonders, this collection offers a window into the unique charm and breathtaking scenery of New Zealand’s North Island. Perfect for bringing a touch of nature’s artistry into your space.


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Print & Framing Info

Small, Medium and Large sizes are framed with a 2.5” mat-board for a classic look. These frames have a 3/4” face and are 1.5” deep. 

Giant, Oversize, and Collector prints have a 2” fine art border around the image and are framed in a premium shadowbox frame. Shadowbox walls add depth to the image by setting the print apart from the acrylic glass, for an elevated, gallery style look. These frames have a 1 1/8” face and are 1.5” deep. 

Print Only art includes a 2”-2.5” printed “fine art” border around the image, included in the “full size” listed.

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Additional Info

For additional info, please see our FAQs page or contact us.

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